It’s understandable that you have questions. 

Let’s get them answered so you can start enjoying healthier meals at your dinner table.

One of the most popular reasons to hiring a Personal Chef is the convenience they provide with meal planning. They teach you new tips in the kitchen and expand your palate.

A personal chef eliminates the stress of having to plan and cook healthy meals, which is crucial with today’s hectic lifestyles.  

Bonus – > no grocery shopping, no cleanup!

Many of our clients justify employing a Personal Chef Service in this way since it saves both time and money. Which means more time for you to do whatever you want!

Oakland, Greater Easy Bay, San Francisco, Marin and the Peninsula.

A travel fee applies to any location 30 minutes from Richmond.

We prefer to cook in your home but we can discuss a delivery option on a case by case basis.

Please note, delivery fees will be applied.

We prefer but always up to the client. Groceries are an additional cost to the service.

We usually shop at locally owned markets or your favorite spot.

We are problem solvers and here to help get you and your family fed right.

We have a very thorough intake form to make sure we are aware of any restrictions. If your restrictions are new to us, not to worry, we have direct nutritional resources to make sure you are getting exactly the nutrients you need despite the not being able to eat many items.

We love a good challenge and this is not as uncommon as you think. We have had many families with all sorts of restrictions and still every week they are all healthfully fed.

I absolutely love suggestions to fold into the created menus. The menu will be sent out 48-72 hours before the set cook day.


Please contact us for specific pricing information for cooking classes and special occasion dinner parties. 

As we continue to live with COVID-19, I continue to provide personal chef services while adhering to all COVID-19 safety protocols and measures.

I am fully vaccinated and boosted and would love to cook in your home kitchen as long as certain protocols are followed, such as wearing a mask, using the entire kitchen, and keeping all kitchen windows and doors open while I am cooking. 

My Covid-19 safety protocol includes the following measures during shopping, preparation, and delivery of meals: 

  1. Wear a face mask while shopping and cooking in your home kitchen.
  2. Wash hands thoroughly when arriving at home and often while cooking.
  3. Use only new paper and plastic bags for groceries.
  4. Spray and wipe down all surfaces in the kitchen with disinfectant before and after cooking

On a case by case basis, I can prepare food in my home and have it delivered to you via uber eats (additional fees will apply for containers and transportation). 

  • Fill out our intake form
  • Schedule a free 20 minute Consultation with Chef Sarah Joy (we usually take 24 – 48 hours to reply to initial submission)
  • We offer a trial dinner for the family before the contract is signed.
  • Once all is approved, we begin we begin contracted service.