"Chef Sarah Joy works closely with you. Her personalized menus never disappoint."
Chef Sarah Joy

“My passion for food began at an early age when my mother would have my sisters and me in the kitchen assisting her in preparing elaborate vegetarian dishes for our family gatherings. She took us to all of the ethnic grocery stores from Little India to Little Italy, she knew all the local farmers, and she made sure we tasted food that was far beyond the usual North American palette. “

Sarah Joy discovered her passion for professional cooking after completing a holistic culinary curriculum that specialized in Personal Chef work. But her journey did not immediately lead her to a personal chef role after receiving her certification; instead, she worked with large-scale healthy food manufacturers and catering companies, developing recipes and training chefs across the country.

She then spent four years operating a Quality Control program for a large local San Francisco produce company and then moved into leading a vocational culinary program for a youth employment nonprofit organization in Oakland.

After 12 years on the commercial side, she has returned to where her vision began, as a personal chef, feeding healthy meals to families in the San Francisco / East Bay Area.

How We Work

Eat and Be Happy

We are problem solvers who are solely motivated in providing you with meals that both nourish and heal. We design our menus to accommodate any dietary restrictions, preferences, or dislikes.

Believe us when we say that we have happily fulfilled many dietary requests and our clients always return for more.

Our objective is to encourage you and your loved ones to eat more in season, more fruits and vegetables and we bet you will be feeling better once you have tasted our Joyful Culinary Creations.

Our Values

Only The Best

We are passionate about providing guidance and support while nourishing you with delicious comfort food. We shop locally, seasonally and strongly believe in creating variety for your diet. 

Following a holistic approach, you may experience some or all of the following: weight loss,  more energy, mental clarity, lowering blood pressure, clearer skin, reduced food cravings, and less of a risk of illnesses that can be a symptom of poor eating habits.

Our intention and purpose are to bring healthy living to our local community through education about balanced eating habits.

We firmly believe happy belly ripples out into a happy individual, happy home, and happier community. 

Words of praise

For many months now, we have been very blessed and delighted in having Sarah’s weekly menu that is not just healthy and fresh, yet so deliciously flavorful. Not to mention the stress-free of having grocery shopping done for you since she makes sure she gets the freshest and the best “catch of the day”! We love Sarah’s unique and personally created menus to account for our elderly parents, other special diet restrictions, and our desire to eat healthily.  She’s so dedicated to her craft and cares for her clients like they’re her own family or friends.  She takes extra time to research what’s best for certain health conditions. For me, that’s a very personal and caring touch. Sarah’s exquisite style and professional etiquette shows in her every “joyful” creation. Even our kids (9 & 13) eat kale & quinoa that she magically tweaks to be simply appetizing! Our son had even once said, “Mom, I eat foods that most kids won’t!” Did I say kale and quinoa?? 😉 She is a joy to have in our house and happily shares her joy of cooking with our daughter for some on-the-spot cooking class.  We look forward to her weekly visits and to a plateful of delicately prepared meals. It’s such a blessing and a privilege to have her visit us and help us get into a healthier eating style again. Cheers to a simply scrumptious, healthy eating and Joyful Creations!”🥂
- Aimee H.

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